Bridgestone Guide 2010

“Jackie’s (Hoyne) food drives home a message of timeless goodness, using local specialty foods and her own vividly creative baking. “A slice of that apple brandy cake and a cup of tea, my friend, and you are in heaven.”

Tidy Towns Committee Awarded Best New Entry
Kilkenny People – Date Unavailable

MOST readers will know by now that the Thomastown Tidy Towns Committee was awarded ‘Best New Entry’ in category D. We are delighted to have achieved hat we had identified as the only realistic award to which we could aspire in the short five months of our existence. Armed with the Adjudicators’ comments about the town, and our efforts to date, we can draw up a plan of action to build on the good and change the not so good in the coming year. We are extremely grateful to those individuals and organizations that continue to maintain their homes, gardens, and premises in such fine order…

…The Committee was delighted to see that one of the its nominees, the Blackberry Café, won the Regional and National Awards for the Best Shop Front. Many congratulations to its proprietor Jackie Hoyne.

A Trail Of Great Taste
Kilkenny People – Date Unknown
The aim of the new projected “TASTE of Kilkenny” is to illustrate the origin of food and the loving care given to it by the producers before it reaches the dinner plate. All TASTE of Kilkenny members are committed to delivering a high-quality product using mainly traditional methods, so it’s well worth your while checking them out.

One example is Jackie Hoyne’s iconic Blackberry Café in Thomastown, located in what was the workplace of a cobbler. It has been tastefully restored with an 18th century frontage and the old-fashioned look and feel of the place is complemented by homemade, traditional cooking.

Fans Are Cup For It
The Star – All Ireland Final Weekend 2010

Not content with conquering all before them in the hurling world, Kilkenny now want to corner the confectionary market too.

A new line of Kilkenny cupcakes was yesterday launched in Thomastown to coincide with the build-up to Sunday’s All-Ireland final.

And customers flocked to try out the tasty treats, featuring the famed black-and-amber jerseys along with mini hurlers and sliotars.

The cupcakes are the brainchild of Jackie Hoyne from The Blackberry Caf and pastry chef Mary McEvoy.

Irish Times All-Ireland Feature
Irish Times – All Ireland Saturday 2010

Staff of the Blackberry Café in Thomastown said a win on Sunday would be the “icing on the cake” for Kilkenny, as owner Jackie Hoyne placed special black and amber cupcakes in the window. The cupcakes, made by award-winning Mary McEvoy, are selling fast. “The have butter-cream icing o top and they’re decorated with miniature handmade balls, jerseys and Kilkenny flags.”